ICEvents First Official Event

April 2016

Around this time two years ago we held our first official event. Yes that was 2016 when we officially launched Innovate Create Events with the event How to Invest in Mutual Funds topic. Mutual Funds is one of the simplest way to enter into investment and finance management, exactly why we had chosen to open with this subject.

Investing in a Mutual Fund is an easy way to invest in the stock market, and it requires little time and monitoring on the investor’s part.

Back then until today we’ve partnered with Rampver Financial to assist fellow Filipino expats in the UAE in starting up / opening their MF Investment. We have experienced how complicated opening an account overseas can be and this challenge usually becomes a concern that’s why many Filipinos forgo the opportunity of starting an investment.

In our mission to help, we tried to provide a solution by being the bridge between MF investors in the UAE and a broker from the Philippines – Rampver.

FACT: You can start your MF Investment for as low a PHP 5,000. With the exchange rate of today, that is less that AED 500.

Invest early. Open an account today.

Contact ICEvents: [email protected]

Words by Marianne Silloriquez