How to Make Millions in the PHL Stock Market (the TRC way)

March 2017

 WHERE: Al Nasr Leisure Land

A growing number of people are investing in the Stock Market, we are seeing it with our own eyes during the monthly run of TRC-UAE and ICEvents Stock Market Investing 101.

Despite this number we have an itching urge to touch more people because we know – from the statics of Filipino Expats in the UAE – there’s still a huge percentage of Filipinos who are not disciplined in terms of managing their finances and being ready for the future. It is a commitment running in our bones to reach out and help, thus we were inspired to bring to the UAE Bro. Bo Sanchez in his team of Financial experts to personally educate our fellow expats on the subject of investing in the PHL Stock Market.

March 24, 2017 – this date will never go out of our books, because it was the day when the How to Make Millions in the PHL Stock Market event happened.

Graced by close to 700 Filipino expats, this event is a huge blessing for our team and company knowing that we have become an instrument in instigating a positive change – perhaps even pushing for a financial miracle amongst our kababayan. 

Words by Marianne Silloriquez