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ICE: Innovate Create Events | INNOVATE and CREATE, two strong words harmoniously blending together to define today’s modern culture. Gone are the days of waiting for change, we are a generation who yearn to make a difference. | ICE:  creating a culture of innovation… but also a new, fresh, truly different events experience.  | ICE: Innovate or evaporate, think out of the box solutions.  | ICE: Inspire – Motivate – Collaborate – Activate, the big words we live by each day.  


Driven by passion and united by a purpose, ICE was born in the spring of 2015. From one single thought that resulted to a brilliant idea, a collaboration of distinct individuals coming from different backgrounds came to life. The goal of every ICEvent is to foster growth and success.  We do not teach, we nurture and together we aspire for a Total Personal & Financial Transformation.  This unique combination in a supportive atmosphere will define the ICEvent experience. We cater to those who seek professional and personal development by means of seminars, conferences and conventions.



Expat Entrepreneur

Once a month, this event provide a solution to the challenge of being a business owner while keeping your day job abroad. It is all about collaboration and risk management.



Expat Advisor

Once a month, this event is your gateway to understanding the pros and cons of securing yourself, your family and your future. Always better to be prepared than sorry.



Stock Market 101 the Truly Rich Club Way

Once a month, a no non-sense way of knowing the ins and outs of stock market investing. Key word: INVEST



Mentor Me - Financial Literacy & Wise Investment Practice

Once a month, ideal for beginners who want to start putting their financial life in order. Learn from real life experiences and catch practical ways to start taking action.



ICE Summit

Once a year, run in the format of TED Talks; this event aims to uplift – improve – inspire Filipino expats to become the best version of themselves through various talks ranging from real life stories to
practical – inspirational words of wisdom.



Financial Coaching and Mentoring

Seasonal one-on-one Financial Coaching and Mentoring over coffee chat.





“El Subastahero” Noli Alleje One of the crowds and favourite speaker of MoneySense Magazine and Money Summit & Wealth Expo. And if you want to HELP your Friends and Family to learn how to INVEST IN FORECLOSURES, then start Tagging THEM!!

BizCon 2018 !!!

Amidst the current trends and hype, IS FRANCHISING REALLY IS FOR YOU? Get UNBIASED answers and detailed learnings only from the expert and Franchise Guru Butz Olivares Bartolome and RJ Ledesma this October 26, 2018, Friday from 9am-2pm. TO REGISTER & EVENT

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ICE Summit 2018 - TFC Balitang Global

Every ICE (Innovate Create Events) event has a mission to inspire, engage and push our audience to action. We believe in the magic of small steps, pushing forward and never giving up on the dreams we have deep in our hearts Thank you TFC - Balitang Global, Thank you Randy Lamsen and Tita Rachel U. Salinel for supporting our mission and exposing to a bigger audience the #ICESummit2018 as a venue that showcase the strength and agility of the Filipino spirit.


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